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Science-forward approach to the most challenging water projects

Driving policymaking

Water policymakers count on research and reliable data to sustain their mission. They also need insightful recommendations to navigate political and stakeholder challenges inherent in water regulation. With a partner tested on real-world implementation, operations, and compliance, expect smooth sailing.

Implementing regulation

Deliver guidelines that align stakeholders with achievable programs and defensible water science. With expert advisors steeped in broad regional and national requirements, you'll steer through intersecting jurisdictions and shifting requirements to develop more effective and sustainable water programs.

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Completing complex projects

Plan for project success with forward-looking strategies crafted by the experts who wrote the book on water regulation and implementation. Execute with certainty knowing the water compliance and permitting details are handled, backed up by sound science. Count on established agency relationships to know your project is proceeding to completion the right way.

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ICF is a full-service environmental consulting firm providing the following services throughout the lifecycle of projects.

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